At AEM International our approach is to manage a process where clients and candidates receive a personal, tailored service and each assignment is treated equally.  Unlike many search firms we do not use a ‘scattergun’ approach to contacting individuals, but research and reference any potential candidates thoroughly before contacting them. We also use our senior level industry sources around the world for their opinions and recommendations to ensure candidates we target have the right qualities and track record for our client’s particular position. This ensures that we present a qualified shortlist of candidates at the end of the process, resulting in an appointment that lasts for the long-term.

CONSULT – we spend time with you, listening to you and your team, assimilating every detail of your business, your values, your culture and your positioning to ensure we offer you a recruitment strategy that will align the people we find to your business vision and enable us to act confidently as your ‘ambassador’ in the market place.

COMMUNICATE – we know from experience that the most successful searches are those where we work in partnership with you, exchanging information and knowledge throughout the process.

SUPPORT – we will support you through the search process, ensuring that you are consistently well-briefed, able to evaluate progress and in a position to make informed decisions.